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MummyCare Therapy provide three main services which are Postpartum Meridian Massage, Prenatal Swedish Massage and Lactation Massage

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Our Services

Postpartum Meridian Massage

MummyCare’s postpartum meridian massage treatment is characterized by depth and strength. It helps unblock blockages, increase circulation and metabolism. It helps to optimize results during the golden postpartum period and targets to achieve an even healthier body than before pregnancy.

Prenatal Swedish Massage

Prenatal Swedish massage helps to relieve discomforts often experienced by pregnant women resulting from changes in hormone levels, spinal and joint misalignment, and poor blood circulation. The massage therapy helps release muscle tension, improve lymphatic and blood flow through application of mild pressure to various body muscle group.

Lactation Massage

Lactation massage is very beneficial for breast feeding mothers, it provides solution to tackle common struggles faced by mommies. The therapy not only helps to improve blood circulation, increase milk production and unblock clogged ducts, it also effectively alleviate pain and enhance flow of breast milk during pumping or breastfeeding.

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Modern moms can look forward to quickly regain their beautiful and slim body with MummyCare’s specially formulated “Postpartum Slimming Essential Oils”, “Postpartum Traditional Chinese Herbs Abdominal Mask” and “Postpartum Slimming Cream”. The external application of “Postpartum Traditional Chinese Herbs Abdominal Mask” aids to tackle problems of parturient woman, removing wind and congestion in the uterus and keeping the uterus warm.

Our custom-made traditional Malay straps (Bengkung) will also be used in the process to help with recovery of pelvis back to pre-pregnancy condition.
Custom-made traditional
Malay straps (Bengkung) abdominal binding.
Postpartum Traditional Chinese Herbs Abdominal Mask specially formulated by TCM physician.
Acupuncture massage to promote uterine contraction, reduce postpartum blood loss and lochia duration
Postpartum slimming essential oil specially for postpartum detoxing and slimming effects.
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-30 at 13.44.51
Postpartum slimming cream
specially for stubborn fat
and cellulite.
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-30 at 13.44.52
Postpartum Traditional Chinese Herbs Abdominal Mask specially formulated by TCM physician.

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